RCC-THIN1 / Brickless Thin ITX SSFF Enclosure

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Case, CPU cooler, 130W 19V PSU (price excl. tax & import fees)

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RCC-THIN1 is an enclosure for THIN MINI ITX builds.

Rock solid, made from 2mm / 5mm thick aluminum. Comes with a 19V / 130W internal power supply and ultra thin 65W TDP CPU cooler Ideal for your next APU, HTPC or home server build.

This case looks simple but offers many possibilities…

Example 1: Brickless HTPC
The case comes including a 130W 19V internal power supply so you wont need an external power brick. Additionally to the M.2 SSD on your motherboard you can install one more SATA SSD for your Movie and HiFi collection which makes it a nice and small HTPC.

Example 2: DIY NAS with total 5 SSDs
Instead of the internal power supply you can install a drive cage in the case holding 3 additional SSDs, makes total 4 SATA drives plus M.2 on your motherboard. Enough storage to build a home-server / NAS.


  • Solid 2mm / 5mm thick aluminum extrusion chassis
  • Comes with a 19VDC / 130W internal power supply
  • ultra thin 65W TDP CPU cooler included
  • Motherboard support: Thin Mini ITX (19VDC input)
  • SSD support: M.2 SSD & one SATA SSD (total up to four SATA SSD with optional tray)
  • Overall Dimensions: 250x187x48mm
  • Material: Aluminum, satin black anodized

build to order – lead time ca. 2 weeks