RCC-SMALL1 (B-Stock) / brickless 4L SFF case with LP dual slot GPU support


B-STOCK SMALL1, Power Button, PCIe Riser (price excl. tax & import fees)

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RCC-SMALL1 – B-Stock (no hardware, no power supply and/or power cables included!)

Included: B-Stock Case (Black Anodized), Power Button, PCIe Riser, adhesive case feet

Note before you buy: This is a B-Stock item at a discounted price. It comes with minor tolerance and surface issues, no warranty, no returns accepted

More info and build log here [click]


  • Solid aluminum extrusion chassis, black anodized
  • 4L volume (225x254x70mm)
  • Motherboard: mini ITX (without integrated I/O shield recommended!)
  • Graphics Card: low profile, dual slot, up to 75W
  • up to three 2.5″ 7mm SSDs plus M.2 on your motherboard
  • support for two 60x25mm case fans
  • 41mm CPU cooler clearance
  • designed for internal MEANWELL RPS200 AC-DC Power Supply plus ATX DC PLUGIN (not included)

Example configuration:

  • 65W TDP CPU
  • GTX1650 LP dual slot GPU
  • ID-COOLING IS-30 with NF-A9x14 HS-PWM fan /or/ NOCTU NH-L9
  • two NF-A6x25 PWM case fans
  • MEANWELL RPS200-12-C and 200W 12V DC ATX PLUGIN

Important: Some motherboards with integrated I/O shield may interfere with the GPU I/O shield. If you have a motherboard with integrated I/O shield, you may need to mod the GPU I/O shield. If in doubt, please ask before you buy.

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