RCC-BIG560 | maximum flexibility for high end hardware in <20L


RCC-BIG560 Custom SFF Case (Build-to-Order)

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Important, read before you buy:

  • this is an early adopter version which may come with minor flaws
  • this is a custom made product (Build-to-Order), no returns accepted
  • I will try to give you the best quality possible, but please do not expect a high-end-premium case like some of those in the EUR 300,- to 400,- price range

RCC-BIG560 description:

  • 335D x 328H x 180W (ca. 19.8L)
  • black anodized aluminum and stainless steel screws 
  • traditional layout, no riser
  • mini-ITX, mini-DTX, deep-ITX, full size mini-ATX
  • SFX, SFX-L (can be mounted in different positions)
  • dual 280mm radiator support at top/bottom
  • side bracket for two 140mm fans (maybe third radiator/AIO?)
  • lots of space for creative ideas and multiple mounting points for custom loop components
  • see drawings for part compatibility 

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