GxR-DIY MOSFET Load-Switch-Module


GxR-DIY MOSFET Load-Switch-Module

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GxR-DIY is a tiny MOSFET Load Switch Module for DIY electronic projects. This load switch module is suitable for PC / eGPU applications, ARDUINO or RC projects. Unlike most available FET based load switch boards, GXR-DIY does not switch the circuit via GND which opens much more possibilities… 


  • Voltage range: 5VDC – 20VDC
  • Triger (enable) Signal input: +2VDC ~ +13VDC
  • Maximum continuous switching current: 50A with heatsink, 20A without heatsink
  • Size: only 37.5mm x 23mm x 3mm
  • Aluminum PCB for best heat transfer
  • Two M3/M4 mounting holes, distance 25.5mm
  • Large solder pads for easy DIY soldering
  • Designed and handmade by G-Unique

Wiring example:


more info and application examples here [click]

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