DSX1 Complete Set – Series X Game Console Style Case for DeskMini


DSX1 Pre-Order incl. Power Supply and M.2 PCIe Cable

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DSX1 Custom DIY Computer Case for DeskMini A300 and X300 incl. power supply and M.2 to PCIe Riser Cable

Coke and hardware shown in the pictures are not included… 😉

Description: with REVOCCASES DSX1 you can build a tiny gaming PC, roughly the size of an XBOX Series X

The DSX1 DIY Set includes:

  • DSX1 Case (space gray metallic powder coated aluminum)
  • MEANWELL RPS-400-12-C internal Power Supply
  • GxR Load Switch Module
  • ADT R43-ML M.2 to PCIe Riser Cable
  • USB 2.0 Pigtail Cable
  • Audio Pigtail Cable

What you still need:

  • AsRock DeskMini A300 or X300 Barebone
  • APU, RAM, SSD, WiFi
  • CPU Cooler with max. 50mm height
  • Case Fan: 140 x 25mm
  • Graphics Card:
  • IEC C5 Power Cord


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