RCC-BRICKMOD200 / Compact Power Brick 12VDC 200W

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200W 12V AC-DC External Power Supply (price excl. tax and custom fees)

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Rock solid 12VDC 200W Power Brick. Works perfectly with 12V DC ATX PSUs and  various mini PCs.


  • DC-OUT: 12VDC / up to 230W
  • AC-IN: 110VAC ~ 240VAC
  • solid black anodized aluminum chassis
  • only half the volume of a DELL 200W Brick
  • temperature controlled 40mm fan
  • Modular IEC C6 pigtail AC cable
  • AMASS XT60 Modular DC connector

Works with:

  • mini PCs such as DESKMINI or NUC

Upon request:

  • DC output cable with connector of your choice (please note during your order)

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